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If you can't find an address or point-of-interest in Gokivo, click here to go to the Update Gokivo Map Data page to submit an update for the map or POI data.


  • Q: How do I get Gokivo on my Android Smartphone?

    A: Gokivo is available in Google Play. Simply search for the term Gokivo, then download and install the application on your Android device.

  • Q: Is Gokivo really free to use for the first 30 days?

    A: Yes. Gokivo is free to use for the first 30 days, during the free trial period.

  • Q: I've never used a GPS before. Is it hard to learn how to use?

    A: It's not complicated. Just enter in an address or search for a place you want to go to, start GPS navigation, and listen to the audible turn-by-turn directions as you safely drive to your destination.

  • Q: Is Gokivo a real GPS system or just maps and a list of directions?

    A: Gokivo is a real GPS system. As you're driving down the road the phone updates its position using GPS satellite signals then tells you when to turn and how far you need to go on the next road segment of your trip. When you arrive at your destination, Gokivo will tell you you've arrived at your destination.

  • Q: What is 'Share' on Gokivo?

    A: You can use Gokivo to share your location, local searches, or any of your Favorites on any of the media available on your phone (SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter,...). It works better if you've already logged into the Facebook apps you want to share your places in on your Android phone before using the Share feature.

  • Q: How much does Gokivo cost?

    A: Gokivo is free for the first 30 days of use, during the 30-day free trial period. After the free first 30 days, Gokivo is $2.99/month for a monthly subscription, $3.99 for one month and $19.99 for a year.

  • Q: When do I start getting billed for Gokivo?

    A: After the first 30 days, you can use the In-App purchase option to subscribe to a monthly recurring Gokivo Navigation subscription through your Google Account.

  • Q: What is Google Wallet and can I pay my in-App fees through it?

    A: Google Wallet is an application designed for storing online payment options.
    Yes, you can pay for Gokivo through this service. Select the 'Redeem' option when subscribing to pay with Google Wallet.

  • Q: Is the free trial Gokivo software the full version of the software?

    A: Yes. The free 30-day trial is the full software with audible turn-by-turn GPS navigation directions and all the other premium features like gas prices, movie showtimes Facebook integration and traffic alerts.

  • Q: Is Gokivo a recurring subscription?

    A: Yes. When you subscribe to the application after the free first 30 days, your subscription will automatically renew every month through Google Play until you unsubscribe. You can choose a monthly recurring subscription, or a one-shot monthly or yearly fee when you are prompted with the payment options after the 30-day free trial.

  • Q: How do I cancel my Gokivo subscription within the free first 30 days?

    A: Well, you don't need to cancel anything during the first 30 days of free trial use. Only if you subscribe to Gokivo after the first 30 days of free trial use will you be billed through your Google Account.

  • Q: What is your refund policy for Gokivo?

    A: We follow the Google Play In-app Purchase & Refund Policy. More info is available from Google Play:

  • Q: How do I enable Gokivo to get my GPS position?

    A: You will be prompted by a message that Gokivo 'Would like to Use Your Current Location'. Select "OK" on this prompt, to allow your GPS position to be enabled for Gokivo.

  • Q: Where does Gokivo work?

    A: Gokivo only works in the U.S. right now. It uses your Android device's embedded GPS receiver to get its location. It works best when you are outside with an unobstructed view of the sky to retrieve satellite information. Also, check your wireless carrier's coverage area to see where Gokivo will work, since you need to be in data coverage for your phone to get maps, search results, and directions.

  • Q: Does Gokivo require data access, phone service, or text messaging for certain features?

    A: Yes. Gokivo uses data access from your wireless carrier to display maps, directions, search results, and uses your voice service/minutes to call points of interests or your contacts. Data and voice roaming charges may apply if you use these services outside of your wireless carriers' coverage area.

  • Q: What if something is not working right with Gokivo and I need technical support?

    A: Gokivo has technical support available by emailing More support information is available at

  • Q: Can I listen to music while navigating?

    A: Yes. You can listen to music from the music app on your device or your favorite streaming application. Music is muted while a navigation instruction is being announced, after which playback is resumed at the set volume.

  • Q: Can I place a call while navigating?

    A: Yes. Select the 'Call' option from the navigation menu options to call the destination you're driving to. Or minimize Gokivo (by pressing the home button on the device) and open the Phone app to make a phone call to any number.

  • Q: Can I receive a call while using Gokivo?

    A: Yes. Navigation, if active, will be suspended during the call. At the end of the call, Gokivo will determine your location and will continue navigating to your destination. Note that it may be necessary for Gokivo to update your location and the directions.

  • Q: Can I change the way Gokivo routes my trip (fastest/shortest/simplest) and what is the effect?

    A: Yes. Select the Preferences option from the main screen menu, then select 'Route Options', then 'Route Type' and select your preferred routing method from the list. 'Fastest' routes are based on the fastest estimated travel time, they are faster to drive but can be longer in distance. 'Shortest' routes are based on the shortest total travel distance, they can take longer to traverse due to speed limits. 'Simplest' routes contain the fewest possible turns but may take longer to drive and may be longer in distance than other route options.

  • Q: Can I tell the route to avoid highways, toll roads, and/or HOV (carpool) lanes?

    A: Yes. Select the Options button from the main screen menu. 'Route Options' will be displayed, under 'Avoid', check the box next to Highways, Toll Roads, Ferries and Carpool Lanes. Check to apply these settings to all future routes if desired. Options are set to OFF by default.

  • Q: Does Gokivo offer walking directions?

    A: Yes. To change your mode of transportation, select the Options button from the main screen menu, 'Route Options' will be displayed. Under the 'Mode' tab select 'Pedestrian' from the list. Alternatively, you can change the transportation mode for any given route by clicking on the car icon in the Route Overview screen.

  • Q: I looked for something a few days ago and want to find it again. How do I do this?

    A: All of your recent items are stored on the Recents screen. Select the ‘Explore’ icon at the bottom right of the main screen then 'Recents'. The recent items are in order from the most recent to the oldest. For search results, you have to map the location or start navigating to it for it to be saved as a Recent. (Just pulling up a search result's details screen won't make it get saved as a Recent.)

  • Q: How do I clear the list of Recents?

    A: On the Recents screen, select the Edit option, then select 'Clear All' to remove all your recent activities or select a row to delete a specific activity. Simply delete a recent activity by swiping left on that line and choosing 'Delete'.

  • Q: Can I choose what type of information is displayed on the map?

    A: Yes, go to the main menu (top right on the main screen) and select which layer or layers (traffic, satellite, weather,...) you'd like to see on the map.

  • Q: Can I save customized searches?

    A: Yes, go to the 'Explore' menu (icon at the bottom left of the main screen) and choose the quick searches that you want to highlight based on your preferences.

  • Q: Is this the last FAQ question?

    A: Yes. This is the last FAQ question, for now. We'll update the FAQs with more questions as they get frequently asked.