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If you can't find an address or point-of-interest in Gokivo, click here to go to the Update Gokivo Map Data page to submit an update for the map or POI data.


  • Q: How do I get Gokivo on my iPhone?

    A: Gokivo is available in the App Store. Simply search for the term Gokivo, then select to purchase and install the app on your iPhone.

  • Q: How much does Gokivo cost?

    A: Gokivo is available for $2.99 and gets you 30 days of turn-by-turn navigation. After 30 days, you can choose any of the In-App purchase options to extend your navigation pass for 30 days or 1 year.

  • Q: Does Gokivo offer walking directions?

    A: Yes. To change your mode of transportation, select the Preferences option from the main screen menu, then select 'Route Options', then 'Mode' and finally select 'Pedestrian' from the list. Alternatively, you can change the transportation mode for any given route by clicking on the car icon in the Route Overview screen.

  • Q: How do I enable Gokivo to get my GPS position?

    A: You will be prompted by a message that Gokivo Would like to Use Your Current Location. Select "OK" on this prompt, to allow your position to be enabled for Gokivo.

  • Q: Where does Gokivo work?

    A: Gokivo uses your iPhone's GPS and it works best when you are outside with an unobstructed view of the sky to retrieve satellite information. Also, check your wireless provider's coverage area to see where Gokivo will work.

  • Q: Does Gokivo require data access, phone service, or text messaging for certain features?

    A: Yes. Gokivo uses data to display maps, directions, local search results, and uses your phone service to call points of interests or your contacts. Data and voice roaming charges may apply if you use these services outside of your wireless carriers' coverage area.

  • Q: Can I listen to music while navigating?

    A: Yes. You can listen to music from the music app on your device or your favorite streaming app. Music play is ducked whilst a navigation instruction is being announced, after which playback is resumed at the set volume.

  • Q: Can I place a call while navigating?

    A: Yes, minimize Gokivo (by pressing the home button on the device) and open the Phone app to make a phone call to any number.

  • Q: Can I receive a call while using Gokivo?

    A: Yes. Navigation, if active, will be suspended during the call. At the end of the call, Gokivo will determine your location and will continue navigating to your destination. Note that it may be necessary for Gokivo to update your location and the directions.

  • Q: Can I choose what type of information is displayed on the map?

    A: Yes, go to the main menu (top right on the main screen) and select which layer or layers (traffic, satellite, weather,...) you'd like to see on the map.

  • Q: Can I save customized searches?

    A: Yes, go to the 'Explore' menu (icon at the bottom left of the main screen) and choose the quick searches that you want to highlight based on your preferences.

  • Q: Can I tell the route to avoid highways, toll roads, and/or HOV (carpool) lanes?

    A: Yes. Select the Preferences option from the main screen menu, then select 'Route Options', then 'Avoid' and toggle the switch to 'ON' to avoid that option in your routes. 'Highways' (OFF by default), 'Toll Roads' (OFF by default), 'HOV Lanes' (ON by default) and 'Ferries' (OFF by default).

  • Q: What is 'Share'?

    A: You can use Gokivo to share your location, local searches, or any of your favorites on Facebook.

  • Q: I looked for something a few days ago and want to find it again. How do I do this?

    A: All of your recent activities are stored on the Recents screen. Select the 'Explore' icon at the bottom right of the main screen then 'Recents'. The recent activities are listed in order from the most recent to the least recent.

  • Q: How do I clear the list of recent searches?

    A: Simply delete a recent activity by swiping left on that line and choosing 'Delete'.

  • Q: Who do I contact for Gokivo billing issues?

    A: If you see a mistake in your Gokivo subscription billing, select ‘Report a problem’ in your iTunes receipt. iTunes billing will assist you to resolve the billing issue. For other issues, please contact us at